Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sympathy Quotes For Loss Of A Father

Peneman Alam Al-Quran the Last Grave

In a hadith of Rasulullah saw said:" On the Day of Judgement, in the presence of God there will be no intercession of a higher level from the Koran, not the Prophet, not angels and so forth ".

Through the above hadith we can see that the Quran is the intercessor whose intercession will be accepted by Allah. There is a history that " When a person dies busy family life and funeral, a handsome man will stand on his head.

When the body is shrouded, that person will come live between the chest and the shroud. When finished buried, people will come home and came two angels Munkar and Nakir try to separate the handsome man so that they can raise questions about the faith of those who died without any interruption.

But the handsome man will say: " He is my friend. I will not leave it alone even in any case. judge your work, but I will not leave him until I brought it into heaven!" After that he turned to his companions dead, and said: "I am Al-Quran which you have read in a voice sometimes slow and sometimes stage with a strong voice "."

Thou shalt not falter. After questions and Nakir Munkar this, you will never feel sorrow again "When the question is finished, a dashing man that will hold for him a stretch of silk filled with kasturi from an angel - an angel from heaven".

What a wonderful and happy if that person is you. We know about the high Al-Quran intercede but knows sake only without trying to reach out and grab intercession that we are the ones who lose.

Cuba us ponder for a moment to ourselves. Dying and death is God's provision. If she had come we will not be able to retard or speed up, even for a second term. And when in the grave who will be accompanying us far away to provide assistance unless the practice - our practice while in the world.

Allah has promised the Quran as a leading intercede and Allah's promise is true. Approach the Quran and jadikalah it's in the world and intercessors in the hereafter.

May Allah give us the blessing and guidance ..... AMEN!


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